On the Internet, there’s an entire subculture that revolves around viral content. Whether it’s finding it or sharing it, there are a lot of people that are interested in being a part of the next big online sensation in some way. As you probably know, it’s not very hard to find interesting and sometimes crazy and hilarious content on the Internet. However, with so much content out there just waiting to be consumed, only the best of the best can rise to the top and become truly viral. BuzzFeed tracks viral content and displays it for your enjoyment.

I’ve already given up plenty of time while going through the site as I’m writing this. There’s a lot to see here, and one click usually leads to another. Unlike some other sites of this nature, human editors track the fire hose of content and choose what goes on the front page. Users can then respond to the postings and specify what their reaction was to help categorize the content. While other people may control what goes on the front page, that doesn’t mean that you can’t share content. Using your profile, you can post content and see what people think. Who knows, maybe you’ll discover the next Numa Numa dance.