Recently, I saw this post on I asked myself, “Have I really ever had trouble with my AT&T wireless and before that, when they were still Cingular?” I’ve had maybe a total of five “dropped calls” in the five years I’ve had a mobile device. Now, there have been some odd things, for example, trying to make a phone call when school let out during my freshman year of high school was like trying to do an ice sculpture with your forehead. However, that only lasted about a month before there was no trouble at all making phone calls after school.

Lately, I’ve had no problems with AT&T and the interactions I’ve had with their network and their customer service have made me even more of a loyal customer. I’ve called their customer service at least four or five times within the last month for various reasons. I wanted to add texting to my line, then I wanted to get my mother a new phone for mother’s day, and now I’m upgrading mine. Every time that I’ve spoken with customer support, they have been helpful, understandable and have been able to take care of any problems I’ve had. My favorite part is you can tell that they’re not a call center in India. I have nothing against people from India, but it is incredibly difficult to deal with support done in Indian call centers.

Now here’s the fun part, how has your service been with AT&T? Do you enjoy it? Are you a loyal customer? Do you hate them vehemently? Let me know!