Once again the people of NBC show that staying the course, with a sinking lineup, is what they will do, no matter the consequences. Where new programs come on the schedule, they are washed and rinsed versions of tired old shows, such as the newly refurbished Law and Order: Los Angeles. If they thought that Los Angeles was magical, because of the success of CBS’ NCIS: Los Angeles, they got the city right, but missed the point that the city was close to irrelevant in that success.

The lack of a distinct Saturday night lineup is more proof that the programming people at NBC are either out of good ideas, or unwilling to pay for good ideas. While I see benefit to re-running some of the more popular shows, for the benefit of those who miss them the first time, and don’t own a VCR or DVR, the best time to do that would be in the wee hours of the morning, when most people tune away from broadcast programming, due to the overwhelming number of inane and overly repetitious long form commercials. If people were actually watching entertainment during those hours, the effectiveness of the regular commercial breaks would be greatly enhanced. [ note to broadcasters and advertisers ]

Another thing NBC might consider doing is leaving the sports programming to the sports channels. Until they can come up with a cohesive sports package, the way that ABC used to do with Wide World of Sports, it is best left off the NBC menu.

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NBC’s prime-time schedule for the fall 2010-2011 has been released and Variety has a sneak peek and reveals that “Chuck” is back for another season at the 8 p.m. slot.
New NBC Fall Primetime Schedule 2010 – 2011.

The trade magazine reports on its website that NBC is making several moves to try to jump start ratings and gain some traction and overall, the network has added a “whopping five new comedies, seven new dramas and one new reality show to the mix.”

The Hollywood reporter cites NBC Universal TV Entertainment chairman Jeff Gaspin.  He said: “This new schedule brings NBC back to basics with its commitment to quality scripted programming.”


The TV executive added: “With this new schedule, we’re poised to take the next step toward our long-term goals with a lineup that has stabilized and has been building solid momentum through the second half of the season.”

According to Variety this is NBC’s fall lineup for 2010-2011:

The new programs are in all UPPER CASE and all times are Eastern.

8-9 p.m. : “Chuck”
9-10 p.m. : “THE EVENT”
10-11 p.m. : “CHASE”

Chuck is perhaps the best show that NBC has come up with of that type since Get Smart. While not as funny as the Don Adams – Barbara Feldon  classic, it is very good, but in a wrong place. I seldom watch it, because, when I watch television on Monday night, I am glued to the comedies on CBS. Though How I Met Your Mother is sucking more and more, the other shows in the Monday lineup make me stay with How I Met for the odd thirty minutes. Most others I know (that are watching television at that time) are agreeing with my choices for various reasons. Remember, this year there will be no 24 on Fox to pull some away from the good feeling comedies on CBS. Also, with House in repeats on FOX (How much does that say we have a paucity of hits shows, and we are going to ride them into the dust?) many people will catch House on another night.

8-10 p.m.:”The Biggest Loser”
10-11 p.m.: “Parenthood”

No matter how noble and uplifting the concept of The Biggest Loser, does it really need to spill over into a second hour? Again, NBC refuses to compete with the CBS NCIS juggernaut, which simply picks up more viewers over the years by default. NBC and ABC have nothing that will touch this stuff. The only possibility would be putting Chuck on Tuesday, so that a real choice would be there for some.

Parenthood, is another show that is good quality, but not great. It deserves better than being up against The Good Wife, which is a steam roller, and wipes out anything in the same time slot.

8-9 p.m.:”UNDERCOVERS”
9-10 p.m. :”Law & Order: Special Victims Unit”
10-11 p.m. :”LAW & ORDER: LOS ANGELES”

Wednesdays on broadcast television suck tremendously, so I seldom watch anything on that night, save for PBS. One look at the list here and I’m thinking Wednesdays will continue to be the same at my house. NBC is certainly not going to pull my attention with this old tired stuff.

8- 8:30 p.m. : “Community”
8:30-9 p.m. : “30 Rock”
9-9:30 p.m. : “The Office”
9:30-10 p.m. : “OUTSOURCED”
10-11 p.m.: “LOVE BITES”

Though some of this may be funny, the mainstay, according to NBC, is The Office. I remain unconvinced that this is funny. I watched one full, and another partial episode, and did not have the inclination to even smile, much less laugh. This is not the Thursday night lineup of the ‘90s, with the guaranteed laughs of Frasier, for example. (For those that say the humor is too subtle, I would say that I get that type of humor when present – back when Being There [Peter Sellers, Shirley MacLaine] was at the movies, many moons ago, I was the only one in the full theater that was laughing at the jokes, which were clearly over the mental capabilities, and sensibilities, of the audience.)

I started watching The Vampire Diaries on the CW, mostly because of my teenage daughter, but stayed with it because the writing is not bad, and the characters are interesting. Other than that, the only thing Thursday nights offer is The Mentalist on CBS.

8-9 p.m. : “Who Do You Think You Are?”/”SCHOOL PRIDE”
9-10 p.m. : “Dateline NBC”
10-11 p.m. : “OUTLAW”

I have not found anything about these new programs. The Who Do You Think You Are was mildly interesting, and ripped from a PBS show about roots of certain people. It should probably run a full season, and not be replaced at half time. Dateline is a really poor attempt at a newsmagazine, and the writers should be forced to watch reruns of 60 Minutes over and over, until they get it right. Even then, this should be relegated to a show that fills in after a sports event runs short.

Overall, Fridays on broadcast television is bad no matter what age you are. I remember when I was a kid, and at least Fridays were good for the younger set. I have only one must see show on Fridays, and that is Numbers, on CBS. Alas, it looks as though it has been cancelled, again showing that NBC is not alone in the stupid choices it makes – but it is way ahead on the scoreboard that shows those mistakes.


NBC Gives Up. That should be the title played at the beginning of Saturday nights on those affiliates. This might be where they could put Dateline, as no one will be watching anyway.

This could be a great place to showcase movies, or shows from the NBC owned cable channels. Some stuff coming from USA and Sci-Fi [I refuse to use the stupid spelling] could make for greater numbers for NBC and for those cable programs on their home turf.

7- 8:15 p.m.: “Football Night in America”
8:215-11:30 p.m. : “NBC Sunday Night Football”

SUNDAY (beginning March 2011):
7-8 p.m. : “Dateline NBC”
8-9 p.m. : “Minute to Win It”
9-11 p.m.:”The Celebrity Apprentice”

Sunday night programming on NBC shows that some people will watch anything. I don’t like watching football, but those I know that do say NBC sucks at it, so I feel confident in saying that NBC should leave its coverage to a sports network. In the Los Angeles market, we are also treated to some other lame garbage that ties into football afterwards, further taking away from the possibility of a decent Sunday night viewing experience on NBC.

Again, NBC should bag Dateline until they can get it to at least be acceptable. Celebrity Apprentice should move to Bravo, another of the NBC niche channels, as it would probably do as well there, and not annoy me! Minute to Win It… interesting, but better put on Saturday mornings for the kiddies as far as I am concerned. Well, perhaps it could be on Saturday nights. That would not be a total loss.

Is it any wonder that NBC is a giant money pit, with GE trying desperately to foist it upon Comcast?


Mad as Hell (Howard Beale-Network)anyone that knows what this picture is from, knows that one of the main ideas was how crappy television had gotten – and that was back in the ‘70s – it sucks much more now, with NBC in the lead sucking more all the time.

Spock @ the console it’s been a long time since NBC had anything as great as the original Star Trek premiering…

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