New world’s #1 manufacturer of hard drives, Western Digital is bringing out more of the SATA III hard drives featuring the Advanced Formatting technology, in smaller sizes. They will, however, all feature the large 32MB cache and carry the three year warranty of the other WD Caviar Blue drives. 



Western Digital is preparing to push further with its SATA 6.0 Gbps adoption plan by releasing three Caviar Blue hard drives that make use of the new interface. Currently the company is only selling one SATA 6.0 Gbps HDD, the WD2001FASS 1TB Caviar Black.

WD’s 6.0 Gbps-supporting Caviar Blue series drives come in a 3.5-inch form factor and in 320GB, 500GB and 640GB capacities, they boast 32MB of cache, make use of the Advanced Format technology (4096-byte sectors), and can be recognized by their suffix – AALX (WD6400AALX for example).

The new Caviar Blue models are not shipping yet but they’ll probably become available in the following weeks, after Western Digital comes up with an official announcement.

Remember that the Advanced Format is not a problem for users of older operating systems if properly prepared beforehand with the utility that Western Digital has made available. For users of Vista or Windows 7, no problems at all, and no extra work.


Relative TruthsLinux and Mac OS X have been ready for Advanced Format drives for some time. It is Windows that is the laggard, and Microsoft could have provided compatibility a long time ago.

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