Business professional networking is an important yet sometimes neglected aspect of social networking. Business professionals who invest time and energy in tools like LinkedIn can have great results, and these results show that the tools are legitimate and valuable. While the practice of business professionals networking online is nothing new, businesses on their own aren’t always included in the fun. Resources like the Yellow Pages may give you some basic business information, but MerchantCircle makes business listings social.

If you have a business, then it would be worth your time to see what kind of exposure MerchantCircle can give you. As you would expect, all of the basic business information is here, but it’s the social functionality that helps the listings go above and beyond. For example, Facebook integration is present, customers can write reviews, a blog can be created, special coupons can be shared, and so on. As a business owner, you can also share your expertise by responding to questions from potential customers. This enables you to position yourself as a thought leader, which will bring benefits for years to come.