TweetDeck, a very successful and great Twitter client, announced it has plans to make TweetDeck into a mobile browser-based web application that can run on almost any mobile web enabled device. By focusing on building an application for a mobile browser, TweetDeck hopes to expand the platforms that it is on to increase their online presence. TweetDeck already has applications on the iPhone and iPad, with future plans for an Android app. Since TweetDeck would have a really hard time creating apps for every single smart phone out there they have logically decided to go with a web based apps to make their lives easier.

By producing a web-based app, TweetDeck will be able to support many smart phone platforms including, Windows Mobile, BlackBerry, Symbian and webOS. The mobile web app strategy has other benefits too, including improved battery life and overall performance of the smartphone it is running on. Right now, TweetDeck is working on a basic mobile site that will provide customizations for many different platforms so that the devices can preform better.