The Phoenix New Times has made several allegation about the company known as LifeLock, which if true, makes one suspect at how well the company can protect your ID. I wrote an article back on 05-22-08 [here] and also a follow-up report [here], 0n 01-06-2009, both of which questioned just how reliable LifeLock was. Since those reports, LifeLock has had to pay a $12 million fine for deceptive advertising, and now there is new evidence that their CEO has had his own identity stolen some 13 times.

In a recent news article it stated these allegations:

In October 2007, a few months after news broke that Davis had become a victim, someone in Albany, Georgia, opened an AT&T wireless account using Davis’ personal info, a Chandler police report shows.

By the time AT&T cut off the person, he or she had amassed a large, unpaid bill. The amount with which AT&T was stuck wasn’t disclosed, but in the fall of 2008, the phone company authorized a collection agency to try to recover a $2,390 debt.

More cell-phone service was fraudulently charged to Davis: Someone opened a Verizon account in New York, leaving behind unpaid bills of at least $186.

An account at Centerpoint Energy, a Texas utility, was opened. At least $122 went unpaid.

Fake Davises owe $573 to Credit One Bank and $312 to Swiss Colony, a gift-basket company.

Two other accounts, one for USA Savings Bank and a Gap credit card, were opened successfully in Davis’ name but showed zero balances as of early 2009.

There were also multiple dings by collection agencies: Bay Area Credit, $265; two for Associated Credit Services, $207 and $213; and two for Enhanced Recovery Corporation, $250 and $381. Finally, there was a NCO/Fin 22 collection-agency account for $2,390, which could be the AT&T bill (considering the identical amount).

Full details as to what happened with these accounts could not be obtained from Davis. But it’s clear that criminals in different locales have used Davis’ ID to obtain a host of loans, goods, and services.

Whether these allegations are true or not, one thing is clear. LifeLock has come under scrutiny and will continue to be looked at through a microscope while their image remains tarnished.  I am not a LifeLock customer since I would question the companies ability to protect my ID in view of recent reports.

If you have tried LifeLock, let us know what your experince has been.

Comments welcome.

Source – Phoenix New Times

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