While in this nation we are constantly bombarded by those that state the CD is dead, the DVD is dead, and electronic transfer will take over – because that’s the way the consumers want things – in the UK we see a different story.

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64% of Brits prefer CDs to digital music

Consumers not ready to give up old media


Nearly two thirds of Brits (64 percent) prefer music on physical media, such as CDs, to digital files, says HP.

Research by the computer giant also revealed that 68 percent of Brits prefer photographic prints to digital images, while three quarters would rather have a DVD than a movie stored on their PC.

Furthermore, a massive 95 percent said they preferred books to electronic books used on digital readers such as the Amazon Kindle.

HP said that 86 percent of Brits have some form of digital media, with 16- to 24-year-olds and 25- to 34-year-olds the most likely to own digital media.

However, 39 percent of people in these ages groups are still purchasing CDs and DVDs, while nearly three quarters (73 percent) said they could never see a time when they would have only digital media.

"In this technologically driven age it is easy to get carried away and think that everybody is embracing digital and leaving physical behind," says Shaun Hobbs from HP.

"We’re not yet ready to give up the old ways of purchasing media. Britons are on an evolutionary journey with media still being bought on multiple formats and enjoyed using a variety of devices."

When it comes to the security of their digital media collection, 71 percent said they were not concerned as they had never lost their media library.

Furthermore, more than a quarter (27 percent) said digital media collection was worth less than £50.

So with that knowledge, it becomes apparent that not everyone has lost the idea of having something physical to keep. This is not only because of better quality (undisputed), but because things like liner notes and artwork, once so much a part of the music experience (DVD experience, too) mean something. That extra information is important to many people.

The ephemeral nature of digital media, and the ease with which it can be destroyed (without any concerns about DRM in the mix) makes for a much less satisfying experience in many people. Also, as people collect more personal things, like favorite music, the greater the chances of wanting to have that physical evidence of it.

The desire to collect comes for most as they continue to spend on these things.


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