With the announcement of Google set top boxes a few weeks ago, the need for work on the browser that will be the heart of the box is showing, and the second revision level of major level 6 is up for grabs for those who want to check out all the new features, and help debug any problems.


Chrome, the browser of choice for the upcoming Google TV platform, has reached the infamous Dev channel in an updated form known as version 6.0.408.1 and is awaiting use and abuse from both developers and enthusiasts.

Available for all major platforms – Windows, Mac OS and Linux, Chrome 6.0.408.1 features the following changes:


– Don’t remember incognito zoom changes (Issue: 43107)


– Fix possible deadlock in PluginChannel. (Issue: 43617)

– Localization UI Resizing


– Fixed various memory related errors

… and can be downloaded via this page .

The various fixes are beginning to be reported more openly now, and its certain we’ll see the UI get very smooth, as those not used to the look and feel of Chrome will need to be ushered in gently. That’s not to say that it will ever look like Internet Explorer or Firefox, but the interface will change, probably revealing more that his clickable which is gotten to now with a key combination.


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