We’ve come a long way when it comes to sending and receiving files online. No longer are we forced to use e-mail or awkward FTP because an abundance of useful online services have been developed to help solve the file transfer problem. Most of these services are trying to take the pain out of transferring files in general, but different types of files can benefit from different types of approaches. SoundCloud is all about moving music from one place to another, and it focuses on helping music professionals.

When you’re receiving music, you get a nice online dashboard that contains everything for your listening pleasure and enables you to listen to the tracks before downloading them. Uploading and sending music is also fast and easy whether the files are small or large. Once online, the music can be shared through the attractive and customizable widgets that SoundCloud has to offer. Finally, the detailed statistics mean that you’ll know exactly who has been interacting with the music and how. Crank up the volume, folks.