Some browsers, such as Google Chrome and Safari, offer the ability to click onto your most visited or favorite websites from a homepage screen when you launch your browser. Although this works quite well, other browsers don’t have this capability, and the start up page can end up looking clogged and cluttered. This stylish website called Fav4 can be set as your homepage, and will provide instant access to your top four favourite or most visited websites in a fashionable, crystal-clear layout.

When you log onto the Fav4 website, you are hit in the face with beautiful, sleek large icons from four of the world’s most notable sites: Facebook, Flickr, Gmail and Twitter. By moving your mouse cursor over to one of the icons and hitting the left mouse button, Fav4 will instantly transfer you over to that website. Of course, users don’t have to stick with these top four sites. They have the ability to choose which four sites they wish to be displayed on their homepage, with a huge selection of one-hundred and nine of the best and most popular sites on the web. You can choose just about any of the top websites, including Amazon, Bing, Blogger, Cnet, CNN, Craigslist, Digg, eBay, ESPN, Netflix, WordPress – you name it, it’ll probably be there.

Users then have the option to drag their top four over into the “My Fav4” section, where they can arrange them in the order they wish them to be displayed on their homepage. You can also choose whether or not the links will open in a new window. If you don’t want to leave your trusty search engine behind, you can also add a search box for either Google, Bing, Yahoo!, Wikipedia or IMDB. Fav4 provides keyboard shortcut support, meaning if you type 1, 2, 3 or 4, you will be transferred to the website allocated that number on your Fav4, depending on how you ordered them in the control panel. Speaking of the control panel, hitting C will launch you into the Settings. A, S, D and F will act in an identical way to the number shorcuts.

Even though I say you can log onto 109 sites, you can actually use the buttons to log onto any site on the web. By hovering over the icon and clicking the Customize button below, you can change the URL of which that icon directs to. Although it may be the wrong icon, it will still launch you onto the websites you want to see. Fav4 have also said that the ability to add your own icons is on their To-Do list. Alternatively, you can request websites to be added to the list, and the more popular they are, the more chance they’ll be added as an option. If you have friends over though, I’d be careful. No doubt some joker will take the opportunity to change your “Facebook” icon URL to point to RickRoll or that ever annoying Badger song. If nothing else, good for an April Fools joke.

If you’d like, you can change the theme from white to black – either way, the two themes are highly fashionable and what makes the experience even more special is how high quality and illustrative the icons are. And I can imagine you’re sitting there now screaming at me that four websites just isn’t enough; but don’t worry. Fav4 say they are working on a “scalable, yet elegant solution” to allow you to have more than four icons – so we may see Fav40 sometime in the near future. And the only ad you’ll see on the main site is in the Info tab of the Control Panel, meaning that the ever-so-elegant website isn’t defaced by an advertisement.

I really do like the design of this website – it has a very professional, techno theme which is quite impressive. You really can’t get much more simple than this website – four big pretty buttons, and a control panel. No clutter, no mess, no fuss, just an easy to navigate website which has a great purpose. If there was one thing I was to really complain about, it would be the simple problem that occurs so often in the world of web – the issue with cookies. Rather than the cookies you eat, these cookies store information about your web preferences, for example your Fav4, on your hard-drive and the website accesses this file when you load up the site. However, those who delete their history or if you need to delete your cookies due to an error or a browsing problem, you will loose all your settings at Fav4. Despite this, I think that Fav4 has some great potential as an easy and fun way to navigate around the interwebs.

Pros: Very Elegant Design, Works Well, Ability To Have Search Bar, Lots of Websites, Keyboard Shortcuts

Cons: Only Four Sites Can Be Set At Once (for the minute, more may come later), Requires Cookies Enabled, Wipe Cookies and You Wipe Your Sites

What do you think about Fav4? Have you started using it? Do you think its design is clear and sleek? Which top four sites have you set? Are you looking forward to further features and the ability to add more websites? What do you think is the best feature? Do you have anything else to say? Let us know, in a comment.

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