With Windows XP, we got spoiled. Microsoft made some very nice extra tools, known as Powertools, available and also made a little program to change some settings very easy, calling it TweakUI.

With the advent of Windows Vista, there were no more extra tools, and the older Powertools did not work completely correctly, or sometimes not at all. There was never a Microsoft equivalent of TweakUI. There was a tool called TweakVI, but it was not the equal in terms of usability or completeness.

Preston Gralla, long time writer at ComputerWorld and PCWorld, has a note letting us know about a new tweak tool that is very nice and gives a fair amount of changes possible with little trouble. It is called Win Bubble.

Want to whip Windows Vista or Windows 7 into shape and tweak your OS six ways to Sunday? Then you’ll want WinBubble (free), which is a tweaker’s dream. It lets you change just about every part of Windows Vista and Windows 7, and ways you never thought possible.

Whether you’re looking for optimization tweaks, interface tweaks, desktop customization tweaks, security tweaks, or Internet Explorer tweaks, you’ll find that and more. Want to change the way Desktop and Internet Explorer look and work? Customize all your icons? Remove the shortcut arrow from shortcut icons? Yes, you can do that–and plenty more. And WinBubble doesn’t just give you access to hidden menus. It also lets you customize things that seem to be uncustomizable, such as the Bubbles, Ribbons, and Mystify screensavers.

WinBubbles interface and layout isn’t the prettiest, but that doesn’t really matter. What matters is how much you can tweak, and how easily to do it. New to this version is the ability to customize your Windows Welcome screen wallpaper, adding icons to the right-click menu in Windows 7, a simpler method of password recovery, and other similarly useful tweaks.


Give this one a try, as it is fairly complete, which is a gripe I have about a few others – they do three or four things, and leave you to add another program to get more customization. This one is more complete than anything I’ve seen in quite some time, and has no real drawbacks.


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