It’s always a thrill to see a new, usable browser option making its way into the limelight. And to this end, I see that Google Chrome Stable release is now available for OS X and Linux alike. This stable release also boasts some fairly neat features in with it as well such as full HTML5 support in addition to file drag and drop functionality. I’m still a bit unsure about the whole geolocation thing after the all-nighter with Enemy of the State playing in the background, but it might be fairly significant regardless.

Despite all of the goodness offered though, I still struggle with trying the UI over that of say, Firefox. On the extension front, however, Chrome is catching up very quickly. Already providing much of the functionality that I might want from browser add-ons, I am happy to see Chrome doing well in this area.

My continued hangups continue with the reasoning that they’re unneeded. Hogwash. I want a File, Edit, View, and History pull down right there. Does this kind of thing matter to you? Are you finding Chrome to be a straight across replacement for Firefox in your Web toolbox? Hit the comments; let’s hear your thoughts on this.

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