** Adobe has released Acrobat reader for Droid.  Read about it.

I can only wonder if it’s as big a pig on the Droid as it is on the pc.  And as privacy-invasive.

** If you’re looking to `upgrade’ your YouTube experience to HQ video, check this out.

** In OS news, Froyo (the next Android OS, Frozen Yogurt) has been released to OEMs, developers, and the open-source community.  This looks to be a real barn burner of a release, speedwise.  Some accounts claim over four hundred percent improvement.  Also included will be a one-button wireless hot spot, which Verizon is going to let pass.    Lots to wait for and rest assured, some Droid fans are counting the seconds.

By the way, how many seconds are there til Froyo’s arrival on the Droid?  No one’s telling, other than to say it will arrive for the Droid.  Don’t do any extensive breath-holding, ok?  I’d prefer to wait until they get it right before they deploy it.

** Oh yeah, there’s a Flash beta.

You try it: I’m not interested.