Any time I read an article about the best places to buy anything, I wonder if the stores that are recommended are paying to be ranked higher on the list. So when I read an article about where the best places are to buy a HDTV, I actually used my own buying experience, which agreed with what the article had recommended. Does this mean that these are the absolute best stores at which to shop? You decide.

A recent article stated:

Our research for this story covered ten retailers:, Best Buy, CDW, Newegg, RadioShack, Sears, Staples, Target,, and Walmart. Nationally, the highest-ranked retailer for large HDTVs was Best Buy, which im­­pressed us with the range of models it had available. The Best Buy salespeople we spoke to earned high marks for their answers to our HDTV questions. The best information came from staffers who worked in the store’s television department; they usually explained technical details—such as refresh rate and contrast ratio—with accuracy, clarity, and patience.

Here are how the other  retailers were ranked in the article:

Amazon was the top online-only retailer of HDTVs in our research, thanks in large part to having the best, most diverse selection of models and manufacturers.

Both Newegg and TigerDirect have a reasonable selection of HDTV models and regularly offer good deals.

In our research, most Sears employees impressed us with their polite, professional attitude.

Target and Walmart are best left to consumers who seek smaller sets (32 inches and under) and aren’t looking for answers to tech questions.

RadioShack has a quite limited selection of HDTVs.

My personal experience includes HDTV purchases from Best Buy and also from Amazon. Both purchases met my needs and pocketbook at the time and I would recommend both companies. I also have to agree with the take on Walmart employees. They provide little knowledge in my experience.

What do you think?  Who would you buy a HDTV from?

Comments welcome.

Source – The best places to buy HDTVs

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