There should be an image here!Can you hear that crackling sound? Yeah, that’s the sound of H to the E to the double L freezing over. Despite Microsoft’s monopoly on the desktop, in addition to a number of other areas, Apple is cleaning its clock — hard — in the mobile realm.

Worse for Microsoft is the fact that Apple has now dethroned Microsoft as the world’s most valuable technology company illustrates just how badly Microsoft is in dire need of fresh blood at the leadership level. It has some tremendous people doing awesome things. Now if it can just fire hose off the “old thinking” from its upper ranks, things could begin progressing forward.

To be fair, every company has its heyday. And it’s highly likely that Apple, too, will eventually be overcome by a competitor some time down the road. But the one definable problem that I have seen in the consumer market is that Microsoft put way too little emphasis on it and even then, it opted to play it safe and boring at all costs. This left Apple to change the industry with iPods, iPhones, iPads, an App Marketplace to sell digital goods and basically, create its own little ecosystem while Microsoft was left playing copycat on just about everything.

Sadly, the only thing for sure in this world is that even the most powerful companies can — and will — see a shift in power. Not to worry, though, Microsoft is likely to remain number one on the desktop, and Apple, number one in the growth market known as the mobile world. Wild times!

[Photo above by candinski / CC BY-ND 2.0]

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