Last week Google changed its logo to a playable game of Pac-Man. During the time that the population of Google users found this collective productivity would took a sharp plunge.

The time management tool RescueTime did the calculations and determined that Google Pac-Man caused 4,819,352 hours of down time, which, if you take pay into account, $120,483,800 in productivity was lost to this game.

The cost was calculated by looking at how much time was spent on Google’s homepage the day the Pac-Man logo was up versus the average amount of time spent on other days and multiplied by the number of visitors to the site that day.

The cost seems like a bit of a stretch, though. RescueTime assumed that the average Google user makes $25 per hour. Also, you probably can’t assume that everyone who visited the site was on the clock at work. So you can give or take only a couple of million, but that still leaves a lot of time wasted.

If you haven’t had the time to waste yet, Google still has the game up and available if you wish to play it at