Methodists launch app for iPhone

Catholics feel guilty…

Muslim scout plans criticised

Noose-tying, machine gunning, and terror badges dismissed.

Obama to Send Up to 1,200 Troops to Mexico Border

Where do you suppose that came from?

Hawaii Limits Requests for Obama’s Birth Records

They require a law for this?

Obama blames Gulf oil spill on “breakdown” at BP

Meanwhile, oil continues to escape all over the place and no one is stopping it.

Obama: U.S. can’t act alone in world

But we’ll keep doing it anyway.

Research Congress and Your Money

Congress is America’s only native criminal class – Samuel Clemens

New GOP ‘Contract With America’ to Debut in September

They ignored the last one.  Expect the same this time around.

U.S. To Deport Immigrant Students Who Staged Sit-In At Senator’s Office


87-Year-Old Woman Arrested For Selling Crack

Obama’s pissed because the arrest is stalling the economic improvement numbers.