One wouldn’t think locating a router that wasn’t going to overheat — or just fail altogether due to things giving out — to be such a tall order. But the fact of the matter is that most consumer routers are crap.

It’s true and taking the time to do a bit of searching around the Web would lend a bit of credence to this claim. Most people seem to have troubles when trying to get any kind of reliability out of most routers offering Wi-Fi broadcasting ability.

For myself personally, the problem was so bad that I finally opted to buy a Draytek router. While the configuration is about as complex as one might find with a commercial router, this SoHo ready unity is almost impossible to overheat or brick. I have not rebooted it since buying it back in 2008.

A cheaper option for those who want to keep things a bit cheaper is to simply keep the router and Wi-Fi functions separate. While not as foolproof as the Draytek router, it does keep your router from getting so hot and will ensure the packets keep on flowing. Just something to consider next time you go to replace yet another bricked router.