Say it ain’t so, Mr. Bill! It is being reported that the Ford Motor Company has plans to dump the Mercury brand of cars. The Mercury brand was started in 1939 by the Edsel Ford and has been a healthy division up until 2000. Since 2000, sales for the Mercury brand has dropped by 74%, a slide that Ford can no longer ignore. In plans to reorganize the company, it had been previously stated that some brands the company produced would be eliminated from the Ford line up of motor vehicle.

In one recent article it states that:

Mercury sales peaked in 1978 at 579,498, when it had the slogan “The Sign of the Cat.” Deliveries were just 92,299 last year, according to Autodata. The brand has just four models and two, the Mountaineer and Grand Marquis are on the way out, which would leave it with just the Milan sedan and Mariner small SUV by the end of this year.

Since CEO Alan Mulally arrived from Boeing, he has stress the Ford brand and stopped giving Mercury exclusive features, the people said, making them less distinctive. The company also has spent little advertising the brand.

Fun fact (unless you sell Mercs): “The Grand Marquis has the oldest buyer demographics in the industry with an average age of 70,” Wolkonowicz said. “There are still members of the Depression generation who will miss Mercury.

Too bad. I had a 1991 Mercury Cougar that both my wife and I enjoyed driving. Smooth ride and plenty of power. I saw one of the new Lincolns cruising around town. Not very impressive, in my opinion. I would expect we will be saying goodbye to Lincoln, as well.

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