Let me be clear in saying that Netflix Watch Instantly content, could use some expanding. It’s pretty good, sure. But man, it if it was even half of their DVD base…people would swarm to it.

In our household, we derive out video content for our TV in one of the following ways. Roku box (Netflix Watch Instantly, Amazon OnDemand), Hulu Desktop via laptop to TV and our Blu-ray player. For us, most of the content we consume is either at a flat monthly rate (Netflix) or free.

But for other people, the grasp of cable or satellite is still a sold hold. There is something comforting about having random stuff on the TV going on while you are doing other activities, this I understand. But the fact is that if Netflix could begin a real transition to pushing out more content through streaming, as this article explains. Well, the world of video would shift and shift hard.

Question is, does Netflix have the clout to make this happen in 2011?