It seems at least once a year or so, we need a new lesson on the differences between plasma HDTV and LCD HDTV.  The folks over at PC World have completed a fairly accurate article and have described the basic benefits and  disadvantages to both technologies. Yes, there are good and bad features to both types of HDTVs, which could make your purchase decision difficult if you don’t do your homework first. It is actually fairly simple to understand, if you just consider the basics.

One of the best things that the article pointed out was how  buzz words such as refresh rate and contrast ratios need to be considered, but not be worth the higher cost. In fact, the reviewers at PC World pointed out that, while the benefits between 60Hz and 120Hz were noticeable, they felt that going to 240Hz may not be worth the additional cost. Next, when it comes to contrast ratios, this seemed to be something that HDTV manufacturers made a big thing about, but that this wasn’t that important for most HDTVs.

So what should you buy: plasma or HDTV?

Plasma HDTVs use more energy, so if you live in an area with high electric rates, you want to take this into consideration. Most consider that the plasma picture is better than a LCD, but that is purely personal taste, IMHO. You will get a better picture from a plasma set when viewed from most any angle.

LCD HDTVs are currently the most popular sets on the market. They are energy efficient and provide a very good picture. The only downside is that, when viewing from an angle, the picture may appear washed out.

I don’t think you can go wrong with any of the new plasmas or LCDs.

For the people who already own an HDTV or two, what brand are you using and why? Also, is it an LCD, plasma, or DLP? Most important, would you buy the same HDTV again? Share your experience with us.

Comments welcome.

Source – PC World

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