Ballmer is the worst thing to happen to Microsoft since Windows Me. His incompetence is almost mind blowing most days. Never mind the fact that Apple is now worth more; we see the leadership at Microsoft continuing to make the same mistakes over and over.

Today we have this article discussing how Ballmer can save Microsoft’s mobile business. While I, too, agree that it’s not too late, the fact is the means of saving its mobile business is genuinely simple. Stop being such wimps and try something new — first.

The single biggest issue Microsoft faces is the fact that it is not willing to take chances on a large scale. It’s not a lack of ideas, per se, rather, its lack of willingness to implement them.

So despite hitting the ball out of the park on the desktop front with Windows 7, it is dropping the ball HARD in the mobile sector. Windows Phone 7 has potential; now let’s see Microsoft do something new and unique with it.

With the focus being mobile more than the desktop these days, it’s an area of growth that Microsoft needs to be putting more serious risk investment into. Wow us with something — even if it is similar to other platforms. Provide something new that the other guys are lacking and that is compelling enough for us to care.

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