In what is going to be disturbing news to those who are storing their precious photos, videos or data on CD or DVD, it seems that the disks could become useless in 5 years or less. It was always assumed that CD and DVD disks would last for decades, if not longer, but manufacturers are not so sure just how long the disks will last. But don’t fret. There are precautions you can take to preserve your treasures for years to come.

In a recent article it stated that:

French scientists calculated the likely life-span of a disc by artificially aging it with heat, water vapor and light.

They found CD quality varied even across the same brand so people willing to pay more for a known name won’t necessarily get a better product.

“The brand alone doesn’t tell you if you have something that is high or low quality,” said Jean-Michel Lambert, from the French National Metrology Laboratory.

“Disc production varies. In the same brand we find discs produced by different manufacturers which means their quality and how long they last for is not necessarily the same,” he added.

Also, manufacturers branding discs with their logos could be making the data on them more vulnerable to corruption.

So what should you do? Every few years transfer and store your data on new disks. Like with all technologies, once the CD and DVD go the way of the dodo, you can transfer your data and the newest and greatest technology, when it becomes available.

Another option is to have your data on two separate media such as a hard disk and CD or DVD.


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