Well today was the big day, the day that thousands of users said that they would be quitting Facebook. Although my personal beliefs are that very few have followed through, it has brought quite a laugh to other social network users.

A trending topic on Twitter for most of the day was “Quit Facebook;” however, you’d be surprised at how few users were criticizing or promoting the movement. Statements were pretty neutral, and included tweets such as whether one should quit Facebook, or simply stating that “Today is ‘Quit Facebook Day’.”¬†Rarely would you see someone who’d voice anger or displeasure towards the social network. People seemed pretty satisfied with the fact that Facebook at least made an effort to improve their privacy settings.

This begs the question of just how much of a choke hold¬†Facebook has on its users. I’ve come to the realization that people have developed a need for Facebook, and unfortunately, they cannot fulfill that need anywhere else. Facebook really didn’t need to improve their privacy settings, in my opinion. I doubt a significant portion of users would’ve left anyway, considering that the social network plays such a vital role in people’s lives. Facebook has obviously become an addiction for quite a few people, and I’m not sure that privacy issues are going to deter them from that addiction.

What are your thoughts?