How does your e-mail inbox look? If it looks anything like mine, then it must be a mess. E-mail is one of those things that’s both fantastic and painful all at the same time. Aside from the messages that you’ve received, how much do you really know about the people that you’re communicating with? An e-mail only says so much, and while you can do research outside of your inbox to learn more about your contacts, Gist connects your inbox to the Web so that all of that information is included in one place.

Not only can Gist identify who you’re talking to and provide additional contact information, but it can also track things like their social networking profiles and blog posts so that you can see all of the latest updates. This applies to them personally in addition to the companies that they work for. Social media is where the juicy details are these days, so being able to stay on top of this type of information is essential in this environment, and that’s what Gist can help you to do.