Today I read this piece on Google dumping Windows in its offices and I found myself asking “why?” What is the big deal? Is Windows not doing something it needs it to do, or instead is this an indicator of something much bigger?

On the surface, one might think that this would be due to Google’s security concerns. I am skeptical of this. Sure, there are security concerns to be had. But at the same time, Google is also working with its own OS known simply as Chrome OS.

I am thinking that Google is looking to leverage its bad luck with security in China to its benefit. I mean, it would be like Apple preaching about the benefits of OS X, only to be using Windows behind the scenes.

Now it should be said that Google is also okay with its employees using OS X, not just Linux. But something tells me it’s going to prove cheaper to re-purpose existing PC towers with Linux rather than having Google buy everyone a brand new Mac regardless of circumstance.

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