On May 25th, 2010 I wrote an article about another of those so called software products that promise to speed up our computers. I must admit that like most of you, I was just tired of hearing promises about a faster computer, only to be disappointed later on.

One of the comments I received was from Robert Scoble, Scobleizer,  who pointed me to a link which led to an interview he did with the co-founders of Soluto. I found the interview interesting since the software was going to do something similar to what Google has done with search. The company was going to introduce a software that they claimed would make a PC frustration free. If that wasn’t enough Soluto won the TechCrunch Disrupt award.

Over at TechCrunch they stated:

The Israeli-based startup offers something that millions of people want — no, need: a way to make their computers run better. One thing that’s interesting about this company versus most of the others in the competition is that they’ve created native software. It monitors your PC to find the things that are likely most annoying to users. For example, it tracks down printing problems, crashy apps, resource hogs — all the good stuff.

That alone is interesting. But more interesting is that it offers up solutions for how you can fix your computer issues. And the data they’re (anonymously) collecting about PC problems should be useful across a range of industries and services.

Quite simply: if Soluto can convince the millions of frustrated PC users to use their software, they could transform the industry. Or, disrupt it.

Hi Ron,

Sorry for the late reply, we were loaded with TechCrunch Disrupt effect. Download should now be available on our homepage, you’re welcome. I prefer that route to sending you a link because on our website you’ll also be able to see an instructional movie and learn more about us.

Let me know if you need anything for the article (images, quotes, interview).

Best, Roee Adler, Soluto

Roee Adler is Soluto’s Chief Product Officer and I took his advice and downloaded their software for a test spin. One must remember that the product is still in beta and may need some fine tuning.

If you take the opportunity and watch the Robert Scoble interview, there are a few points that I must admit make sense. It is usually the software we install on our system that hinders performance as well as poorly written drivers that cause crashes. This is not to say that the Windows operating system is not  to blame. In the interview it is stated that it is usually the applications that are the culprit. How do these applications cause performance issues?

According to the founders of Soluto it is the applications that include a process that loads at boot. This includes processes that check for updates, upgrades and so forth, that are unnecessary in their opinion. Soluto is designed to identify these unnecessary processes and can advise the user whether to delay the process or pause the process keeping it from starting in the first place.

Most of you who read the articles here at Lockergnome are advanced Windows users. You have learned over the years how to fine tune Windows and keep it running at peak performance. On my personal system I use Glary Utilities which has a built in module for controlling start-up processes and programs. I have turned off approximately 60%+ of the gunk on my system, which was nothing more than resource wasting items that served no purpose.

After installing Soluto my boot time was 1:33 and Soluto showed me more items I could do away with. Some I selected but a few I left because I want them to auto start when I perform a specific action on the computer. After following Soluto’s recommendations I cut the boot time to 1:15. Remember, this software is in beta and does not have recommendations as of yet for all programs on your computer.

The Soluto screen look like this:

Click To Enlarge

There are three specific recommendations:

  • No-brainer – Remove From Boot
  • Potentially removable – Advanced Users
  • Required – can not be removed

The No-brainer setting setting is the easiest to follow. The user just dumps this junk. The Potentially removable stuff allows the user to make a decision. The decision can be made easily by the suggestion that Soluto provides, or the user can make their own choice whether to delay or pause the application from running at boot. Of course the Required must not be changed.

What I need to try Soluto on is a PC that is running slowly and see what happens. I have a perfect candidate and will do a follow-up report once I have tried the software on this slow running PC.

Comments welcome.

My original article is here.

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