Just a bit of humor for you today. Most of this is semi true but it can be left up for open discussion:

What Does Your Email Say About You?

Own Domain

  • Has a good chance at being skilled in what they do.
  • A good chance they are a programmer or designer.


  • Probably knows their way a around a computer.
  • When the internet fails they try rebooting the router.


  • Uses some type of low end computer like an Compaq or HP.
  • Has issues with Spyware
  • Thinks MySpace is the ruler of the web.


  • Probably, most likely types in all caps.
  • Sends you frequent chain letters saying that your hard drive will crash if you don’t.


  • Prints out emails to show everyone.
  • When they tell you about a web site they go “ok go to… h-t-t-p colon… slash… slash… w-w-w dot…”
  • Before asking for help they say they are “computer literate” followed by some acronym like LOL
Original idea adapted from Matthew Inman