Do you listen to online radio stations? I used to do this regularly, but these days I hardly ever tune in. While this may have been a passing fad for me, plenty of people still listen to online radio stations. Even if you don’t listen to them, you may want or need to create your own online station to stream various audio files. Having the audio files is half the battle, but figuring out a way to get them to listeners is also important. A service called iRadeo gives you what you need to start streaming right away.

The iRadeo player uses audio files that already exist and are hosted elsewhere, and because of this, you can stream an unlimited number of files. The player can be customized to fit your specifications and you’re able to embed it where you need it so that listeners don’t just have to go to one place to hear the broadcast. Some users will undoubtedly wish that hosting was a part of the service, but if you just need a streaming interface, iRadeo should do the trick.