The latest school age craze is called Silly Bandz which is taking the country by storm. Grade school kids are trading the Silly Bandz similar to the way baseball cards were once traded. But now some school administrators are saying that the Silly Bandz are causing a distraction in schools and some are banning them from the class room. Some schools in N.Y., PA. and Texas have already banned the toys as distractions in the classroom and more schools may follow with their own bans.

So what are Silly Band? They come in 24 packs of various shapes that kids slip over their arms, legs, where ever on their bodies and because of their slim size [they are the size of a rubber band] can wear hundreds at a time.

These Silly Bandz are called Fun Shapes

There are a wide variety of different shapes available and sell for about $5 for a pack of 24. Some of the silly brands cost more such as the dinosaur collection that commands a price of $10 for a pack of 24. [Prices are approximate].

So what do you think? Should these be banned from schools? They look fairly harmless to me.

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