I wrote earlier today on my personal blog about the Apple shipping delay on iPads that just doesn’t seem to be going away. What I found difficult was the fact that Apple’s been promoting the iPad as a “revolutionary product,” but yet, they weren’t able to meet the high demand for it. You’d think that Apple would expect demand for the iPad and that it would be getting to the 2 million mark in sales rather quickly.

What made me even more angry was the fact that Apple delayed the shipment of the iPad to international countries by a whole two months (and it could be 3 for a lot more customers). I ordered my iPad over two weeks ago and it hasn’t even been shipped, which is really making me wish that I would’ve just purchased from a local retail store. But as expected, it’s too late, bricks-and-mortar stores are sold out of the iPad as well.

I am really beginning to think that Apple fabricated the delay of the iPad to get more hype towards the launch. It seems so silly that Apple wouldn’t make enough product before the release, especially if it’s such a “magical and revolutionary product.” The only other reason I can think of for these delays would be poor planning by Apple, and I really don’t think Steve Jobs would allow that to happen.

With all of that said though, whatever Apple is doing is working. I have been wanting to get my hands on an iPad for a very long time. Additionally, I probably wont even remember that I was so angry at Apple once I’ve received the iPad.