There should be an image here!The Neat & Simple Guide to Organizing Your Home Office provides you with an ultra-simple process, creative strategies and clear instructions with lots of examples and over 50 photos featuring real home offices — not offices staged for a book — that will show you how to:

  • Get motivated and decide where to start by setting specific and compelling action goals
  • Overcome perfectionism so that you complete your project
  • Identify your personal organizing style and brain type (left-brain or right brain) and choose appropriate strategies
  • Design organizing systems to be easy to implement and maintain — even if you have ADHD, or a creative personality type, or have been chronically disorganized for any reason
  • Clear clutter without getting overwhelmed
  • Lay out your office to maximize efficiency and productivity
  • Set up work zones to meet your needs
  • Optimize your work flow
  • Select the right organizing products for your needs (complete with photos and tips of what kinds of products to avoid)
  • Organize your paper your way – what law says you “have to” use files?
  • Choose a planner for managing your time
  • Use a variety of types of To Do Lists
  • Set up a system for your voicemail messages and much more!

This guide features a warm and personal writing style and easy-to-read page layout. It’s like having author Ariane Benefit right there with you to teach you how to create your own organizing systems that fit you.

She doesn’t tell you what to do and ask you to conform to her idea of what works. Instead, she gives you the principles and strategies that empower you to become your own professional organizer and make decisions more easily!

Check the inside cover to get the Web site address to download a full-color digital PDF version of this book plus free bonus materials including:

  • “Take Charge of Your Paper” 60 pps, PDF
  • Neat & Simple “Paper Retention Guide” 12 pps, PDF
  • Lots of other bonuses including audio MP3 recordings of classes and interviews by Ariane and more