There should be an image here!When you need quick answers for working with SQL, why rummage around the Web when you can get advice from two-dozen experts in one concise reference? 97 Things Every SQL Developer Should Know provides short and extremely practical tips from some of the world’s most experienced SQL developers. You’ll learn how these pros deal with everything from architecture and database design to programming strategies and performance issues.

Exploit strengths and work around weaknesses in the operating system and database server. Learn how to efficiently design and code multi-user, high-throughput systems. Understand how to improve performance and maintainability, and more. This book is perfect for browsing, with its 97 tips grouped into sections that include:

  • The basics, including what you need to know about locking and concurrency
  • Hardware: Is Unix or Windows is better for databases, and why?
  • Architecture, including 2-Phase commits and when they’re needed
  • Database design: Learn the difference between logical and physical modeling
  • Programming strategies, such as how to use functions as data sources
  • Administrative: Design a strategy for removing unwanted data, and more
  • Tips for specific database products, including Oracle, SQL Server, and MySQL