DFI, or Diamond Flower, has made a great number of enthusiast motherboards over the past few years, many of which have led the field in their abilities to give the user exactly what they wanted. The boards have been well thought of by most everyone, and darlings of the computer press.

Now it looks as if it is the end of the road for the LANParty portion of DFI, as the company has given that division its walking papers, stating that the profit margins were in the negative number zone.

[Maximum PC]

Remember when DFI’s LANParty motherboards rocked the enthusiast scene? Well, it appears those memories are all that’s left, as the LANParty series is no more, says Bit-Tech.

“I finally contacted some other people associated/previously associated with DFI’s LANParty group in Taipei, and arranged several meetings during Computex,” Bit-Tech wrote after donning their detective caps to find out why there haven’t been any new DFI LANParty boards as of late. “Today, we finally got our answer: DFI told its LANParty team in 2009 there would be no more LANParty products. The division was losing money continually through 2009 and late in the year the sales team were told to clear their inventory before being moved to the far more profitable industrial division.”

If true, this is sad news for adventurous overclockers who like to push the boundaries of component design. It wasn’t that long ago that DFI was the go-to company for highly tweakable — and often finicky — motherboards with more BIOS settings than you could shake a Shake Weight at. But the company appears to have fallen on tough times in the enthusiast market, which is probably the result of competitors stepping up their game, overclocking-friendly CPU releases from both AMD and Intel, and perhaps a bit of mismanagement as well.

So Asus is once again the recipient of the attention of the user community that builds for itself, as it is the big player in the custom-built computer motherboard arena, along with Asrock and Gigabyte. The rest of the field comes up sadly lacking.

With one less great player, we will have to be content with a smaller choice of boards, and a bit higher price, but we will fondly remember those LANParty boards with the bright colors and great features.



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