On July 1st, Microsoft’s Ashish Jaiman spoke with some of the WeatherBug software development team about how WeatherBug is using Silverlight and Bing Maps to further their end user experience to new heights. You can view the video for yourselves here.

Bing Maps and Silverlight

Right off the bat we hear from WeatherBug’s CTO, Chris Sloop, who gives us a quick highlight about what the team will be talking about in this video. From there, we jump to Justin Dearing, who is the Director of Software Engineering at WeatherBug. Justin explains that his most recent efforts have been working to integrate Microsoft Silverlight technology and Bing Maps with WeatherBug to provide a new level of control for the end user experience when utilizing WeatherBug’s Map Layers.

From there, Justin goes on to share a little behind the scenes tidbit that a new WeatherBug.com redesign is coming this summer and that Microsoft technology is to be part of the site’s redesign. One of the biggest takeaways is a better understanding as to why WeatherBug was motivated to switch over to Bing maps in the first place. Better maps, improved map coverage and the blend of Bing plus WeatherBug technology is going to provide a whole new level of end user experience.

Windows Phone 7 WeatherBug Application

Further into the interview, Justin drops the news that the Windows Phone 7 WeatherBug App, under current development, will include Bing Maps and Silverlight technology as well. From there, WeatherBug’s Alex Nichol continues the conversation as he is currently the software developer behind the WeatherBug Windows Phone 7 application. Alex points out why using the Bing Maps technology has been a benefit for him personally. Rather than dealing with creating the back-end control for maps, Alex explains that using Bing Maps takes care of this by utilizing the same controls as Justin uses for the website redesign. Talk about a real time saver and most importantly, a consistent experience between phone to Web!

What you can take away from this video

WeatherBug has been working very hard at providing the best experience possible not only with their mobile products, but also to put the same effort into the upcoming website redesign. Because the end users expectations remain high, WeatherBug must balance out their development without breaking out of a decent experience along the way. It’s tricky to do and at times, takes ongoing effort to get it just right. This is why WeatherBug works to take all feedback, into consideration.

With the inclusion of Silverlight and Bing Maps, WeatherBug is hoping to close the gap between Website and Mobile phone experiences using Microsoft’s latest technology.