Support HTML5 or don’t, it’s Apple’s prerogative to do as it wishes. Really, it’s not an issue for me personally as I am only using the phone, not the desktop experience. In this screen capture, we see that Apple indicates that if you wish to see how Safari handles the proposed HTML5 video enclosures, you can try some of its demos. Fair enough, no question it is demonstrating the abilities of its own browser. After all, why demo HTML5 on other browsers if you are showcasing your own? I get this.

I also think it’s a direct attack on Flash, Silverlight, and anything else that Apple is not using on its products. Not directly, perhaps, but it is fair to point out that Apple is looking to embrace HTML5 for all the wrong reasons. The idea behind the improvements made to HTML5 is this: open standards — the thing that was to differentiate video playback with this method versus the others. Yet it’s beginning to feel like Apple is choosing to lock down how it uses HTML5 with its products.

Mere speculation at this point, but mark my words: We will almost for sure see the rise of “best viewed in Safari” before the year is out. Think I am nuts? Look at where Apple is headed with its products thus far. Control, control, and more control. I see it making the same mistakes made by Microsoft in the ’90s. Worse, I see Apple becoming the very thing it fought so hard against in its 1984 commercial: IBM.

If using non-Apple sanctioned ideas was honestly such a terrible thing, then we’d see a lot less jailbroken iPhones running alternative app stores, I suspect. Clearly, people want to choose not to have their app and media experience choices made for them. Just my opinion here.

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