Windows 7 includes a new feature called Presentation Mode and you can find it within the Mobility Center. So what exactly can you do with Presentation Mode? If you are using your computer to deliver a presentation, you can turn on Presentation Mode to:

  • Turn off the screensaver so it does not interrupt your presentation
  • Set the volume
  • Show a different background image other than your current one
  • Puts your IM client status to do not disturb

You can open the Mobility Center by pressing the Windows logo key + X. Here you will find the presentation settings which include:

  • I am currently giving a presentation — selecting this option enables presentation mode. In addition to the settings described above, your computer stays awake and system notifications are turned off.
  • Turn off the screen saver
  • Set the volume to — use the slider to set the volume between low and high
  • Show this background — select the background image to use during the presentation

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