There’s only one reason why I run Windows on my Mac — a very minimal Windows 2000 VMWare install solely to run my audio editor of choice — the super-powerful Adobe Audition. As anyone who works in the podcasting or radio industry will tell you, no other raw audio editor can touch Audition in terms of features and simplicity; it’s an industry standard application in studios around the world.

I’ve used Audition (and its predecessor Cool-Edit) since the mid ’90s; when migrating to the Mac it was the one application I knew I could not live without. Some people have suggested using GarageBand, Logic, or ProTools on OS X, which are fantastic apps, but they’re more geared towards music production rather than editing interviews and building pre-recorded radio shows.

A video posted to YouTube over the weekend claims to show a native version of Adobe Audition running on OS X. No further information about the sources of this clip have been revealed, but it looks pretty authentic to me. At last! There was me thinking Adobe might be going off the Mac platform too.

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