There should be an image here!Seems like only yesterday I was using the old Black Viper Windows XP services config to get my PCs up and running at their best. And why not? The guides were fantastic! Well today I am thrilled to share that the Black Viper guides now include one for Windows 7 as well. Yes, now you can tighten up your Windows 7 installs just like we used to do in the old days with XP.

What makes this guide so great is the guess work is done for you; just read the end result and follow along. Nice and simple — couldn’t ask for more than that! While you will have to do some scrolling down to get to it, you’ll find that the Windows 7 services guide carries help for all the Windows 7 releases. So there is no need to have a blanket fix for Starter or Ultimate — just use what the guide suggests.

Are these guides a safe way to tweak your Windows 7 installs? In short, yes, when you read the given cause and effect of each service again. Remember to follow the safe options for each; you will find that you will not only gain a little performance — you will do so without any surprise moments as well.

[Photo above by dominiqs / CC BY-ND 2.0]

[awsbullet:Windows 7 Visual QuickStart Guide]