Flying under the radar today during WWDC is the fact that iTunes 9.2 will be released alongside iOS 4. The report of this news came from Techcrunch’s MG Siegler.

Specifically, the employee told me that iTunes 9.2 would be unveiled in the coming weeks (and probably the same time as iOS 4) to allow for PDF syncing in the new iBooks for iPhone. The ability to read PDFs is the latest addition to the iBooks app, and isn’t currently available in the iPad version. According to the employee, people will be able to email PDFs to one another and open them in this reader — or they can simply sync them with their computer and this new iTunes 9.2.

My hope is that they do a complete overhaul of the software. The current design is painful to look at, not to mention that it is pretty slow (even on a Mac). It just doesn’t have the easy-to-use interface that most other Mac applications have. It will be interesting to see how much Apple will integrate iTunes with iOS 4, especially with the introduction of folder support, multitasking, and other new features.