Last week I wrote about Soluto Anti-Frustration software and the emails I had received from Roee Adler, Chief Product Officer for the company. [Article is here.] I emailed Mr. Adler asking exactly what ‘PC Genome’ was and he requested we have a phone conversation, which took place this morning.  Before I tell what I learned, I want to admit that I was confused about what Soluto is, and I was only looking at the boot manager part of the software. I had also mentioned that I was going to try Soluto on a slow booting PC and report back the results.

I did in fact try Soluto on a slow booting PC only to discover that the problem involved not a slow boot, but rather a hidden trojan that was the culprit.  Once removed, the computer ran noticeably quicker, which was to be expected. The PC actually had just four boot items that Soluto recognized as safe to be removed [paused], which only increased boot time by about five seconds. The computer I cleaned was running Windows XP Pro that booted in just one minute and five seconds, which I believe is fast for any PC running Windows.

Here is what I learned from Mr. Adler.

Soluto Anti-Frustration software is in its infancy and is being designed for us forgotten PC users who have fallen victim to the likes of the iPhone and iPad popularity. The blogosphere, news agencies, computer magazines, and the like have shifted their focus to the new devices that are being introduced, and the PC is being left behind. Yet millions of us continue to rely on our Windows computers as our main tool for work, fun and connection to the Internet.

So the folks at Soluto decided on a course of action which they call ‘PC Genome’ to try and eliminate the frustration of using a PC.  Their approach is a multifaceted approach in which a boot manager is only a part of the equation. The ‘PC Genome’ part of the software is still being developed and will be the backbone of the software. Once implemented, ‘PC Genome’ will start to collect data information from PC’s world wide and will basically learn how to eventually fix PC problems. The goal will be to make the PC less frustrating and to hopefully enhance the user’s experience by diving into the Windows core and collecting information. This in turn will provide the user with an answer to what is causing the problem and, more important, how to fix the problem. This is a very basic overview of what the folks at Soluto hope to accomplish in the future.

Currently the software is for advanced users only, and should not be used by inexperienced users. I’ll be staying on top of this software and will be reporting back on my future findings.

Please remember this is beta software.

Comments welcome.


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