Like the rest of you, I have been watching the news each evening and I have been totally dismayed at how BP is handling the oil spill in the gulf. What is scary about this scenario is that there are other oil rigs sitting off shore around the world that face the same potential for disaster. How many other safety features that these oil rigs have may not function properly when another disaster strikes?

When the CEO of BP hit my TV screen recently, assuring us that BP was our friend, I thought to myself this guy is as sincere as a rock. BP seems to think that a well run PR campaign will show it as run by a loving, caring, compassionate bunch when we all know they couldn’t care less about the 11 people who lost their lives on the rig when it exploded. We also know that these idiots haven’t a real clue how to stop this mess and need a swift ‘kick in the ass’ as Obama stated.

Now BP is buying sponsor links so when you type in ‘oil spill’ or something similar, its sponsored links come along with the search results. A recent article states:

Companies buy sponsored links (which are clearly labeled as such) at the top of search results so their side of the story is the first a member of the public sees when he or she searches for information. The links at the top of the Yahoo and Google results link to BP’s “Gulf of Mexico Response” page, which hosts articles and videos explaining how BP is trying to resolve the environmental crisis.

Enough with the PR. Fix the leak!

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