On Tuesday China vowed to continue enforcing Internet censorship. In a “white paper” statement, the country stated that it’d block anything that threatens “national unity.”

This all comes after a few months ago, when Google pulled out of the country due to China’s demands of censoring search results. Censorship in China has limited over 384 million Internet users from accessing websites such as Facebook, Twitter, and many more.

But China, which routinely blocks websites such as Facebook, YouTube and Twitter, gave no sign there would be an easing of the “Great Firewall” — the nickname for the network of filters that keep mainland web surfers from accessing material the government deems sensitive.

Source: Canadian Press

The report that came out also suggested that it’s the responsibility of the company or website owner to block all content that is considered a threat. Additionally, it is the responsibility of the ISP to implement “security management systems and utilize technical measures to prevent the transmission of all types of illegal information.”

Doesn’t look like China will have a “free Internet” any time soon.