When Al and Tipper Gore dropped the news on the world of their breakup, one could only guess what could have happened to a 40-year relationship to cause it to end. Though there has been much speculation as to why the couple has decided to part ways, it makes the rest of us who are married wonder if this could happen to us. According to one family therapist, it can and the reason is fairly simple. When you stop listening you place your marriage in danger.

A recent article also stated:

As scary as it sounds, it’s important to remember that separation can happen to anyone, at any time, explains Berman. Just being cognizant of that will keep you from getting too apathetic and neglectful. And if you feel like you’re already in the lazy-in-love trap, she recommends against grand gestures or big changes, and instead making this small tweak: make sure you’re totally engaged in each conversation with your husband. That means not watching TV, not reading, not texting, and perhaps most importantly, not thinking about something else. Listening and interacting sounds like such a given in a relationship, but it often goes out the window after a few years, explains Berman. The good news is that it’s easy to retrain yourself to be a good listener and it could very well save your marriage.

Though I agree that this could be one of the contributing factors, is it really that easy just to cite this one thing as being the causative factor? I believe that there is another factor we must consider and that is when you stop being best friends. I know that my wife is not only the love of my life but also my best friend.

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Source – Cosmopolitan

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