The world of technology seems to be evolving more now than ever, with a large part due to a high demand for consumer electronics. It’s become a world that if you don’t have the latest gadget it would appear as if you’re not “hip.” With that said, one thing that has really become evident recently is just how quick people are going through their gadgets. I myself being one of them.

Companies also seem to be taking advantage of our constant need to refresh our lineup of tech toys. Take Apple for example, they’ve managed to release their iPhone annually, but still continue to receive massive amounts of sales. This is most likely because they’ve managed to get present users to ditch their contract and get the newer version of the iPhone. There seems to be always something better with the iPhone year after year. We can only expect —¬†especially with monthly data plans and no contracts — that the same will happen with the iPad.

But this all leaves the question of just how much we spend on our gadgets. Are we as a society overspending on entertainment and technology? I’m beginning to think we are, considering just how well the tech industry is doing, especially in this tough economic time. Impulse shopping seems to be growing on us now-a-days — the introduction of online shopping hasn’t helped — and it seems that people treat money as if it falls from trees.

As I conclude, I’d like to ask you guys what your thoughts are. Do you have any personal experience with shopping for gadgets too much? How do you budget technology and gadgets into your life? Feel free to leave a comment below and share your stories.