There should be an image here!Second Life was at at one time one of the biggest and most exciting upcoming concepts to come to community building in years. A virtual world, complete with commerce, people, and lifelike interaction. Other virtual world communities were created elsewhere and, for a time, it was a popular pastime.

Flash forward into today — anything worth doing is done from the Web browser. I tend to think that Google, Facebook, and Twitter had a lot to do with that. But Second Life is looking to make a comeback and, truth be told, it never really lost many users despite the economic downturn.

The company behind Second Life, Linden Labs, has been forced to make some cutbacks. But it seems confident in being able to redefine access to its virtual world through the browser. Linden Labs did an amazing job of creating a virtual world, a virtual economy powered by real money, and the creation of an exchange to turn those real dollars into Linden currency. Yeah, I think we’ll be seeing more from Second Life here soon.

[Photo above by John E. Lester / CC BY-ND 2.0]

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