UPDATE: After 10 months, Field Pro’s owner came by last night at 7:30 p.m. with a coworker and finally installed the replacement panels. Although it took 3 rescheduled appointments in a 2 week period, they finally stepped up and fixed the problem. Too bad it was such a painful experience for us and costly for Field Pro.

THE STORY: As the ‘proud’ owners of a Viking refrigerator, we were not at all surprised to receive a recall notice last year.  After the painstaking process of determining that our refrigerator was affected by the recall, we placed a call to Viking, ordered our recall “kit” and a few weeks later, a large box arrived on our doorstop. Viking required us to get the parts installed by a certified Portland Viking repair service provider.  They recommended Field Professional (Field Pro), so we scheduled a visit.

Right off the bat, there were signs that the Field Pro/Viking experience was going to be a rough one. We had trouble getting a visit scheduled, and Field Pro repair representatives were not good about communicating their scheduled arrival, inconveniencing us to no end. Before Field Pro would install the parts, they said they would send someone out to verify that the parts sent by Viking were correct.  On arrival, they said the “kit” would not work and we needed to call Viking and tell them the kit was incorrect and re-order.  Field Pro promptly left and we confirmed with Viking that they were indeed the appropriate parts. Strike one.

After scheduling another visit (having to argue whether or not the parts were appropriate) for early afternoon, two Field Pro reps showed up at the house at 4:30 pm.  They were told earlier in the day that we had to leave at 5.  We gave them the option of waiting outside for 10 minutes so we could pick up our son from school.  They declined, and indicated they could replace the parts in time, but that was not the case. In their rush to get out the door, they failed to replace our heavy custom wood paneled door into the new hinges properly. They also left the entire contents of our refrigerator door shelves strew about on the counter.  After returning 10 minutes later, we proceeded to put away all the food items.  When we opened the door, it nearly fell off, damaging the wood paneling. The door wouldn’t shut properly either, so we had to remove it and re-install it ourselves that night so the food didn’t spoil. Strike two.

We immediately called Field Pro about the damaged door and expected a call back first thing in the morning.  By 10 am, no call back.  We called Field Pro again to see if they were going to send someone over to finish the job.  It was Friday and they promised someone would be there in the afternoon; they would call first to confirm a time.  At 4:45 pm the doorbell rang, it was the Field Pro rep from last night’s botched job.  Here’s how the dialog went:

I said “I thought you were going to call before you came over.”
He said “Uh, sorry.”
I said “So we had a bit of a problem last night after you left.”
He said “Oh yeah, what’s that?”
I said “You left without putting the door back on.”
He said “Well, the door is back on now.”
I said “That’s because we had to put it back on ourselves!”
He said “I was rushed.”
I said “I told you I had to leave at 5.  I gave you the option of waiting outside for 10 minutes while I picked up my son from school.  You declined and left. Good thing that door didn’t fall off its hinge on top of me or my children.”
He said “I think you’re the type of person who is just angry at the world and takes it out on other people.”

At that point, I asked him to leave.  Strike three.

After calming myself down, I called the Field Pro office and told a manager about the incident.  She was apologetic.  She told me the owner had been told and was very upset and would do everything he could to make good on the situation.  She said she would understand if we didn’t want them to finish the job and wanted another Viking repair company to take over.  Our biggest regret now was that we didn’t do that.  Instead we told her to just get the door panel back on and finish the job.

Field Pro agreed to have a replacement panel made.  They took our original panel to the original cabinet maker who was going to create a replica replacement. Unfortunately, that was last September.  That was the last time we saw our door panel. A month or two later, Field Pro came back with a replacement panel that looked nothing like the rest of our kitchen cabinets. Once again, Field Pro agreed to make good and match the rest of the cabinets surrounding the refrigerator, including the freezer panel and the storage cabinets above.  Field Pro took them all.  The second attempt took another 3 months. Meanwhile, we had open shelves above with dusty cookbooks and no way of opening our fridge or freezer except by wedging our fingers in the cracks, since the handles attach to the missing panels. Strike four.

We continued to follow up for the next few months. Eventually, the owner of Field Pro, Todd Hammond, visited our home with the cabinet maker to confirm the cabinetry was indeed not a match and both made a verbal commitment to resolve the issue in a timely manner. This was nearly 2 months ago.  After multiple emails and phone calls, Field Pro wouldn’t even return calls or emails. All we were asking for at this point was an update or timeline. Strike five.

At this point, all we wanted was our original door back, which matched the rest of the kitchen cabinetry, figuring at the very least we could have it repaired.  We were informed by Field Pro reps that this was not possible as the original door panel had been THROWN AWAY.  This is a $275 custom wood door and our personal property! They also have our freezer panel and the cabinet panels, which are undoubtedly worth several hundred dollars as well.  We’re stuck with no panels, no way to easily open or close our refrigerator or freezer and a basement full of various parts and pieces that are supposed to be attached. If Field Pro were the last company on the planet that could provide me with refrigerator repair, I wouldn’t use them. Beware that they break promises, hire repair people who verbally abuse you in your own home, string you along then don’t even have the common decency to CALL BACK!

UPDATE: After 10 months, Field Pro’s owner came by last night at 7:30 p.m. with a coworker and finally installed the replacement panels. Although it took 3 rescheduled appointments in a 2 week period, they finally stepped up and fixed the problem. Too bad it was such a painful experience for us and costly for Field Pro.