Last year my wife treated me to a new BBQ for fathers day. As I approach the first anniversary, I wanted to share with you what is called Infrared technology. I believe that this technology is going to change the way you will  BBQ in the future. So what is Infrared? Over at they describe Infrared cooking this way:

What if I told you there’s a grill that will cook foods in half the time of any other grill? A grill that can produce the kind of heat necessary to char a 1″ steak on the outside but leave it rare in the middle. A grill that can reach cooking temperatures above 700oF. How, you ask? The Infrared Burner.

The infrared burner works by focusing the flame of a standard gas burner onto a ceramic tile that has thousands of microscopic holes in it. This converts the heat of the flame into infrared energy, the same energy you feel from the sun on a cold day. This heat is much higher and more persistent than a standard grill can produce.

Infrared is not new. Restaurants have been using it for years. But what is new is that Infrared is now being used in home BBQ systems. Below is a picture of the BBQ my wife bought for me last Father’s Day. It is a split grill. Standard gas burners on the left  side and Infrared burner on the right side of the grill.

The unit was purchased at Walmart  and sells for $295. My wife bought the unit on sale for $50 less and I believe it was a good deal. You can take a look at the specifications for the grill at the link below.

My experience using the Infrared grill has been stellar. I use it for steaks and it sears the meat keeping in the juices. I finish up grilling on the standard gas portion of the grill until done. You do need to adjust your cooking time since the searing of the meat is intense and quick. So you need to make sure you don’t over cook your meat.

So my question today is this? Have you tried a Infrared grill and what is your opinion?

Comments welcome.

Walmart – BBQTEK grill description