There should be an image here!It’s definitely not a great day for those who are unfortunate enough to be using for their blog. Seems that WordPress’ VIP subscribers, such as TechCrunch, were less than pleased about the outage.

Frankly my message to users affected is this: Get over it; this sort of thing happens. Worse is the awful way TechCrunch presented the issue as if this type of behavior is going to help prevent an outage in the future. If I were running, I’d suggest to TechCrunch that it explores other options instead of whining about an outage like this.

Now I totally realize that outages like this affect thousands of people. But I also think people need to realize that this sort of thing happens. It’s happened here at Lockergnome and it is something that can happen to the strongest of Web hosting services.

[Photo above by Eric M Martin / CC BY-ND 2.0]

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